All prices shown are NOT inclusive of 6% Service Tax

What are the advantages of using the GO2 Brand service?

GO2 Brand is an easy way to build an online brand for your business. The brand name of your choice can directly mapping to social media apps like FB, Whatsapp, Messenger, blog, Google Maps or Waze and more.
The use of GO2 Brand makes your business easy to find in Internet searches rather than just marketing your brand in social media with no search facility.

Can I change the business brand after registration?

The registered brand name can not be changed within a subscription period (one year) as it is subject to the terms of the domain name registration terms. You are advised to make a new purchase for a new brand name.

How is the payment charge charged?

The payment charge is a yearly charge. You will receive a payment notice before the end of the subscription period.

Where is the service extension payment possible?

Payment can be made via internet banking on the official website of MYNIC.

If I have a problem, who should be contacted?

Please call customer service at 1-300-88-7277 or by email at