MYNIC Berhad Whois Service enables users to search details of domain name information, registrant name or registrant Code, Contact Person's Code , Name Server hostname or Name Server Code and IP address.

This Whois Service can be accessed through:
  • .my DOMAIN REGISTRY website; or
  • Port 43

The Whois database is provided for information purposes only and is designed to assist persons in determining contents of a domain name registration record in MYNIC’s registry database. Users of this service are strictly prohibited from using the Whois information, which includes but not limited to, copying (or imitating in any other way), storing, downloading, transferring, transmitting and/or collecting the Whois information for the following activities:
  • advertising and/or marketing purposes;
  • unsolicited communication purposes via email or otherwise;
  • spamming or speculative purposes;
  • commercial purpose;
  • illegal purpose; and
  • any other abusive purpose.

Please notify MYNIC if you are aware of any of the above mentioned activities. Please be informed that users may carry out only 500 queries per day from the same IP address. MYNIC may change the above mentioned restrictions or type of information in the Whois database at any time without any prior written notice.